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California Auto Insurance

Medical Payments Coverage

This is very important to have. It pays for your doctor bills if you are in an accident even if the accident was your fault. It also pays your doctor bills for you, your spouse or your children if they are riding in another car or get hit by a car riding a bike, riding a skateboard, or even walking on the sidewalk, or in a crosswalk. It will pay 100% for any doctor, hospital, or ambulance with no deductible up to the limits you choose. I recommend buying the highest your company sells because coverage is very inexpensive. You may purchase $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, and even $100,000 from some companies. BEWARE: Some companies trick you into buying an “Excess” Medical Payment policy for a few dollars less. It is not worth it and they sometimes sneak in a $2000 deductible, too. Don’t buy “Excess” type or one with a deductible.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) Coverage

This is extremely important coverage for you that is also very inexpensive. What if you are hit by someone without insurance or someone who has only the minimum $15,000 policy and you spend just one day in the emergency room? Your hospital bill alone could be $50,000 or more. Your medical bills after the hospital could be $100,00 or more. UM pays not only for your medical and hospital bills but also pays for pain and suffering and reimburses you for income you lost from missing work. Just like Medical Payments, it covers for you, your spouse or your children when riding anyone’s car or even if one of them is hit by a car riding a bike, skateboard, or walking in a crosswalk. I recommend $250,000 of UM coverage because it is very inexpensive to protect yourself and your family.


This typically pays you $250 a week if you are on disability after an accident up to a maximum of $15,000. The coverage costs about $10 a year per driver (less than a dollar a month.)


This coverage pays to repair your car even if you caused the accident. The premium is based on the value of your car. There is no “minimum” or “limits” but premiums differ based on the deductible you choose. I recommend a higher deductible ($1,000 or more) because a higher deductible can save you $100 or $200 a year (so you can pay for better Medical Payments and UM.)


This will pay for damage to your car by vandalism such as stealing your radio, damage by fire, wind, hail, flood, hitting an animal, or if someone steals your whole car.


This pays for the others driver’s car and injuries if you cause an accident. This coverage protects your assets if you cause an accident so buy at least $250,000.

Emergency Road Service

Pays for a tow truck and this coverage is only a few dollars a year.

Rental Car Expense

This very inexpensive coverage will pay for a rental car for you while your car is being repaired, even if the accident was your fault. It is only a few dollars a year.

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